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Good quality Knotted Wire Wheel Brush for sales
Good quality Knotted Wire Wheel Brush for sales
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Quality Management:

1. Perfect industrial Brushes has strict and meticulous quality control in all aspects of the production process, to ensure product quality.

2. Perfect Industrial brushes brings in advanced test equipment, which can test the quality of every machine.

3. ISO9001: 2000 System Certification


Hefei Weixuan Wire Brushes Factory

Hefei Weixuan Wire Brushes Factory



After-sales service work content

First, order processing

1, when the customer asked Ann sent to be produced by after-sales service according to the production department proposed the fastest scheduling date, for customers to do a good job in order scheduling documentary, for some urgent orders by the director of audit arrangements in single production and focus on doing a good job tracking, ensure goods timely delivery rate continues to increase.

2, for logistics lines possible abnormalities accurately grasp, for customers to choose the most reasonable logistics routes, to customer requirements timely communication with logistics companies, such as the emergence of abnormalities in a timely manner to inform the customer, to ensure delivery of timely and accurate.

3, afternoon at half past three stopped before a single, customer order payment fails to remittance, to call in advance to inform the customer, the customer has required delivery of arrears, to promptly collect, notify the business, guarantee business and to determine the playing time is not more than for three days can be shipped, for low volume or unstable customers eliminate arrears shipments have to invoice stopped before a single promptly notify the warehouse, do a good job in a timely bundled package.

4, where a customer appears abnormal order needs to be changed, to let the customer promptly cancel single, phone to cancel the order to record and inform the business, by business centralized coordination need to postpone the shipment of the order, let warehouse timely arrangements for the area is stored.

5, the need to be the production of large engineering orders, playing more than 50% square can be arranged in a single production, such orders may require the production of priority scheduling insert single, before delivery to play the money.

6, where sales of larger and stable customers, timely consultation with the business for the customer application credit, exceeds the credit amount not to ship, if customers need enforcement site to do a good job in the registration of change of place of delivery in order do indicate remind warehouse imposed on attention.

7, who reported that the project was, completes the project filing for registration and by the duty manager to audit the signature and in the filing period do a good job in the corresponding supervision, if the same model similar to that of bulk orders, promptly notify the manager on duty and business and determine treatment measures.

Second, after sales service

1, after-sales service set up a customer hotline, set up a person to provide technical advice and accept customer complaints. When receiving customer calls, fax, letters, oral and other forms of complaints, the information staff should fill in the "customer complaints handling", submitted to the after-sales service.

2, receiving the customer complaint handling list "after-sales service and deal with customer feedback, complaints were analyzed, the general quality complaints immediately query the same batch number inventory, inventory immediately filled with the requirements of quality inspection personnel delivery is attached to the test, such as similar problems immediately asked customers to return the products in question, no similar problems in a timely manner to communicate with clients and business out processing opinion, formed after treatment advice fill in the customer complaint handling" start the payment process.

3, if there is no the same batch inventory warehouse, after-sales service personnel can require customers to transfer photos of the products in question, and return products, has been on the wall of the tear off package delivery back to the company, and to photograph the preliminary judgment analysis, until the product is attached to the test test, determine the customer complaint and the attribution of responsibility.

Unless the company operations due to, dealer or after-sales service to customers to explain why, if it belongs to the operation of the company caused by, by the following procedure.

(1) on the issue of quantity, delivery, transportation, etc., by the after-sales service or dealer.

(2) relates only to the construction quality problems by the dealers themselves processing and sales company supervision and the implementation of, dealers do not handle or handled improperly handled by the Acting sales company, all charges by the dealer bear.

(3) relates to product quality differences, products already on the wall and send back to the product without clear quality problems, the company sent staff to the scene to deal with, processing out of the views, and consult with the factory processing scheme, such as factories do not cooperate with treatment, by the sales company Xianxingpeifu, general payment proportion is not higher than 50% and in the factory goods deduction.

(4) after the customer complaints, should be given within 24 hours to give customers a reply, the general problem in the day to come up with a feasible solution, a major quality accident should be within 3-5 days to come up with a feasible solution.

(5) to customer complaints after the treatment, the admissibility of personnel should be will handle the case recorded in the questionnaire of the satisfaction degree of customer, and the customer in the customer complaint processing orders, "" customer confirmation signature column confirmed after delivery service deposited in the archives.

(6) at the same time as the case issued a "corrective and preventive measures of treatment", instructed relevant departments to take corrective or preventive action, and follow up the implementation effect.

Third, return of defective goods

Customers who need the need for return fill out the "return the application form and fax to the business assistant, specify the return type, quantity, the reason for the return, make confirmation by business, where an order for more than three months, the same batch of products less than 12 and inventory without the same batch of products products shall not be returned, after business personnel and the duty manager confirmed after the audit is assistant business open back orders and inform the customer to arrange the return. The factory warehouse personnel according to the sales receipt and return acceptance, all goods must be one one. Inspection after passing by the warehouse receipts, do a good job of RMA records such as the case of the reasons for the production of defective products return inspection and customer explain situation may refuse to accept the goods.

Fourth, quality issues handling guidelines

1 from the customer's general quality complaints and customer expectations as well as the results of the processing, after sales service can decide, 1 ~3 support of the payment of the ruling. Three above to be applied to business executives and managers on duty.

2 from the customer's major quality complaints and customer expectations, as well as the results of the treatment, after sales service to promptly report Xiang Zong manager, and as a basis for management review.

Fifth, and customer communication and service records, from after sales service archive management.

Sixth, after sales service return visit.

1 after sales service pay a return visit by the dealer.

2 a return visit should have the following conditions.

1) to understand the company's corporate culture.

2) familiar with the company's service philosophy.

3) on the wallpaper construction procedures are very understanding.

4) to confirm the quality of the wallpaper is easy to confirm the correct place.

5) can judge the quality of the floor pavement bearing party supplier, pavement, customer.

3 return visit time. The first week, the first month, the first month, the third month, the sixth month, the four time, after the completion of construction work.

4 return visit. Receive a return visit, to understand the contents of the return visit. In the shortest period of time to visit the customer. Not allowed to accept any gifts or money to customers. Complete a return visit task with the required courtesy. Correctly clearly fill out a return visit, and do a good job of filing.

Seventh, the prevention of quality problems.

Invite people to write "quality control handbook", in a timely manner to the business and dealer related personnel training.

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    Number:117 17 QU 0314-06 ROS

    Issue Date:2017-06-29

    Expiry Date:2020-06-28

    Scope/Range:Wire brush production and sell

    Issued By:Shanghai Ingeer Cerification Assessment Co.Ltd.

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    Issue Date:2018-01-01

    Expiry Date:2019-01-01

    Issued By:阿里巴巴(中国)网络技术有限公司

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    Issue Date:2018-03-13

    Scope/Range:Grass trimmer machine

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    Number:ZL 201720406237.9

    Issue Date:2018-04-18

    Scope/Range:abrasive disc brush

    Issued By:State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO)

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